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Together we create a greener future

The green transition has started - and we are part of Lemvigh-Müller's partner program aGreenment ™. We believe that if we want to make a difference in climate changes, we must face them together.


We are creating a green future together through several initiatives that facilitate our overall carbon footprint - step by step. The first step has been taken, with contributing to greener transport. Lorrys are a major cause of global warming and account for a large part of Denmark's total greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fewer kilometres - less CO2

As aGreenment partner, we become part of a green agreement and receives steel deliveries on fixed days. By giving our supplier the opportunity for optimal planning, packing, and loading, their lorries drive fewer kilometres and reduce CO2 emission.


That is simply the beginning - as aGreenment extend, the lorries are refuelled with HVO100 biodiesel, which reduces the carbon dioxide emission by 90 %.

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