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Monday, 2 September 2019

DanPumps is changing to SonFlow

A new brand name signalizes change and new investments as well as global expansion with a new product on the way, which will be marketed under the new brand name SonFlow.

Our new brand name and mission shows, that we as a company want to focus on process technology, energy and the environment. We have a clear strategy when it comes to innovation, internationalization and development of more products, therefore SonFlow will be our new brand name.

During the year of 2019, SonFlow will launch plate heat exchangers as a complementary product to our pumps. We can hereby expand our product portfolio to existing and new customers. Our pumps will continue to be marketed under the brand name DanPumps, and the plate heat exchangers under the brand name SonFlow. With the expanded product portfolio, we expect more and more national as well as international customers.

SonFlow welcomes our new export manager Connie Damberg, that has many years of experience and knowledge when it comes to plate heat exchangers – she has a talent for sales and spotting international business opportunities.


The expected increased export share causes a need to get closer to distant markets on the world map. A strengthening of our current network of agents and distributors as well as the creation of strategically placed subsidiaries – we believe it is the way forward.


The first step in this development is, that we have now opened our first subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia. We expect in the coming years a global expansion of subsidiaries as well as entering new collaborations with agents and distributors.


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