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Monday, 2 September 2019

New Cutter Impeller

We have a new product coming out: a cutter impeller for our S-WP and S-WN wastewater and sewage pumps specially designed to handle solids. The impeller has sharp edges, scissor-like vanes with blades designed to grind any solids before they enter the pump.


  • Non-clogging impeller 
  • Cutting action for your toughest challenges
  • Multi-vanes design for the highest possible efficiency


By adding a new design, the cutter impeller offers a significantly wider range of applications. the cutter impeller is perfect for pumping heavy wastewater/sewage and is designed for providing an excellent cutting mechanism to shred diapers, sanitary pads, rags, plastic bags, sludge and fish silage in residential, commercial and aquacultural applications. 


The impeller is made of AISI 316 and the blades are made of hardened tool steel to overcome heavy-duty challenges. 


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