Pumps for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg

DanPumps delivered and installed 4 S-WN pumps and AVK valves for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg in Denmark in September 2021.


Employee Lars Pedersen finds the pump very reliable. “In extreme cases, when there is a long period of drought, followed by heavy rain, the pumps move up to 5 tons of sand per day, without any problems.”


In order to perform optimally and withstand the sandy water, the pumps are supplied with hardened wheel and pump housing. Lars continues: “Despite the tough task of pumping sandy water, the pumps still perform the same, without absorbing additional power. In other words, the hydraulic efficiency has not deteriorated over time. We have an excellent impression of a very quiet pump with minimal maintenance requirements.”

S-WN pumps
Pumps for Svendborg


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