Differing types of service are available for differing client needs and the deep know-how of the field engineers allows them to maintain competitor brands, too.

At SonFlow, we understand the need for affordable parts and quality service to keep the lifespan of your equipments - enjoy long-term savings with quality spare parts and service kits, as we will ensure your equipment continues to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

Technical support:

Tel: +61 (3) 9754 2852

Pumps for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg

DanPumps delivered and installed 4 S-WN pumps and AVK valves for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg in Denmark in September 2021.

Plate heat exchanger for Bukh’s new V8 engine

SonFlow has supplied a plate heat exchanger for cooling Bukh’s newly developed V8 engine.


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