Wastewater industry

Wastewater industry

Industrial wastewater is one of the important pollution sources of water environment. During the last century a huge amount of industrial wastewater was discharged into rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Contaminants from industry and private households are increasingly polluting the water environment and cause negative effects to the eco-system and human’s life.

Highly efficient wastewater pumps for industrial wastewater treatment, where reliability is paramount. Our contribution starts with identifying needs and design expertise. Our pumping systems are optimized modules for treatment processes.

The SonFlow/DanPumps team will help you select the pump that matches your needs for wastewater treatment applications.

Installation types:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Mining industry
  • Flood control
  • Fish farming
  • Others

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General cooling & heating applications

Plate heat exchangers provide an economical option for basic liquid-to-liquid service. Compactness, efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance, and low initial investment make this exchanger design the choice for many wastewater treatment applications. 

Plate heat exchanger advantages:

  • Design produces high thermal efficiency, allowing maximum heat recovery
  • Compact design requires a fraction of the space taken up by conventional heat exchangers
  • Unit may be expanded to accommodate future increased duties
  • Cross contamination not possible under normal operation, possible leaks are vented external to the unit
  • Access to heat transfer surface for maintenance is simple
  • Design exhibits low fouling tendency
  • Unit is economical to operate
Plate heat exchanger

Pumps for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg

DanPumps delivered and installed 4 S-WN pumps and AVK valves for Svendborg Centralrenseanlæg in Denmark in September 2021.


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