Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger



For fibres, particles and high viscous products

SonFlow’s new Free Flow plate heat exchanger series is ideally suited for difficult media containing solids, particles, fibres, and high viscous products. The Free Flow plates corrugation is designed for special tasks, where the conventional plate heat exchanger usually has a higher risk of fouling or clogging.


For the Free Flow plate series, the key focus lies in reliability and high performance. If the plate heat exchanger is not suited for the operating media, the intervals between maintenance and the risk of fouling are increased.


An optimized flow distribution

An optimized flow distribution reduces fouling and uneven temperature zones, keeping the performance levels high over time without unnecessary energy losses, maintenance costs, or unplanned stops.



Every detail is designed carefully to ensure optimal heat transfer, reduced maintenance costs and decreased downtime.

Free Flow plate programe
Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger pattern



Free Flow Princip                                    High and Low Plates Princip




The wide channels provide enough room for difficult media to flow freely. The pattern of horizontal waves maintains no plate contact points in the flow direction, ensuring gentle treatment of the output product.

The clearance between the heat transfer plates measures up to 12 mm gab depending on the plate type.


High and Low

The SonFlow SFF151 and SFF301 Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger is specially designed to mix both viscosity and flow. The design consists of two different plate patterns: “SonFlow HIGH” and “SonFlow LOW”, which can be assembled for either 12/6 mm or 9/9 mm plate gab.


Designed to meet your needs

Our extensive range ensures that we can offer the best solution at the best price and, if required, combine several different types of heat exchangers to ensure that you get the best possible solution.




Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger Industries:

  • Dairy/food/beverage industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Biogas industry
  • Wastewater industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Mining industry



Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger Benefits:

  • Suitable for media containing solids, particles, fibres and high viscous products
  • The wide channels enable efficient flow and heat transfer
  • Free Flow gap without contact points minimize the risk of fouling and clogging


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